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Martin's Home
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At Martin's Home, we provide resources and care for homeless and abused horses, rabbits and cats.  We rehabilitate these animals and find them loving homes


Martin's Home, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt animal rescue dedicated to rehabilitating and rehoming homeless animals. We are an all volunteer organization and our animals are housed in foster homes or adoption locations, cared for by volunteers. We take in homeless cats, rabbits, and horses at risk of being homeless or abused as space allows. We prefer to focus on those animals "most at risk".

On intake, all animals are assessed for adoptability. We then offer behavior and health services to the animals as needed to help make them adoptable. We pride ourselves on knowing our animals and helping find them the very best fit with an adoptive family.

If an animal has a health or behavior issue that we feel we can not fix well enough to find them an adoptable home, we consider them sanctuary animals. They are cared for in a foster home and expenses for the animal are typically paid through our organization so the animal can be cared for during the duration of its life.

We provide education to help people successfully keep their pets and to help them consider if they are prepared to commit to a new animal prior to taking it on. We have printed and e-mail versions of educational materials (articles and brochures) we give to potential adopters and people wanting to relinquish their pets (in the hopes they can then keep them).

We try to educate and inform potential adopters so they fully understand the commitment and responsibilities that come with a new animal. Once they have the animal, we help troubleshoot any issues they might have. For instance, we help problem solve if a cat is house soiling, clawing on furniture, not getting along with the family dog, etc.

This is Martin of Martin's Home. Click to view larger image.

Click to view larger image of Martin.

Martin was my beloved Corgi and best friend for 13 years. I wanted to honor his memory by naming my animal rescue efforts for him

    Martin's Home: From homeless animals to beloved pets.

    Martin's Home, Inc. (760) 537-0068 • email

    Cat, Rabbit & Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation in Southern California, San Diego County

    IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.

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